Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Quick Wall Quilt

Last year I made my Adventurous Stars quilt to hang on the living room wall:

But there was another space on that wall that needed a little wall quilt in matching colors. I have plans for a special wall quilt but wanted a quick wall quilt finished to fill the space in the mean time. Soooooo I made a Missouri Star block and quilted it:

It's a great space filler and once I've made the quilt I really want to put here​, this one will move to the basement stairway that I want to fill with colorful quilts. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Pattern test and scrappy stitching 😍😁

Today I was in the studio for a few hours. So I pattern tested this week's Adventurously Epic Sampler quilt along block:

Then I decided to lay all my blocks out and see how it's looking:

Then I decided to move onto scraps, I added a couple of nine patches to my block pile:

Then I decided to use these three panel blocks in a simple lap quilt with some scraps:

And these scrappy squares have been cut ready to sew together for months, this will be the centre of a child's quilt, I just need to add some borders.

So I'm slowly using my hoard of scrappy squares, they are terrific easy sewing for me at the moment whilst I'm unwell with some respiratory problems.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Stitching away the sickness blues

I've been sick for over four weeks!! I've taken some leave from work to allow for recovery. But I didn't even feel well enough to go sew in my studio today 🤔

So my sewing machine sat idle.

But I did pull out my embroidery sewing box and finally finish the last of my Johanna Basford embroidery quilt blocks 😍