The usual!

Lately this is a common sight in our house, breakfast and a book to proof/edit.  I'm really enjoying the journey though :)

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Adventurously Epic Sampler Progress

I have made 70 blocks of the 100,  here are my latest 3 pattern test blocks

I decided to try a scrappy version of the heart

I am hoping to get the remaining 30 blocks pattern tested before I go to Australia in May...

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Yellows

This months color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is yellow! It was just what I needed to finish off this Almost Hashtags quilt I have been working on since late 2017. I have made the 4 yellow blocks so now I am up to adding the sashing and deciding what to do for borders!

I also made a yellow heart to add to my red and green ones, the yellow is my favorite so far!

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Book Release

My second sampler quilt pattern book is available now on Amazon. Search for Scrappy Adventures. I'll add a link to it in my sidebar and my on Quilt Books tab above ASAP but truth be told this and my previous book Adventurous Stars are books I don't care if anyone buys, I just really love having my own hard copies after the many hours designing, collating and sharing the patterns as BOMs  on my website 💕😍👌

I really shouldn't have...

I created this design image as a color variation concept for my latest book release Scrappy Adventures, just to give quilters an idea of how this quilt could look with a teal/turquoise/navy palette.

The pattern was originally designed to use an array of colorful scraps like the design image on the cover of the book which is due for release within the next 2 weeks.

But I loved that color palette so much I decided to make one in those colors! This is block one:

These are the fabrics I pulled from my stash to work with:

I have so many WIPs right now I shouldn't have started another one, but hey, you only live once right!

Don't forget my first book release Adventurous Stars is available now on, just search for Adventurous Stars quilt book, or there is a link at the top left in my sidebar or on my Quilt Books tab.

Sooo close...

My latest book Scrappy Adventures; based on my 2015 BOM quilt design, is so close to publication ready!

Hopefully it'll be available on by the end of next week 👌💕😍💖

I've always loved this quilt but collating the book has made me want to make it again in the grey/teal/navy/aqua color palette shown above. I really shouldn't be starting a new project though!!!!!

Epic Proofreading Task!

I have finally received a proof copy of my Adventurously Epic Sampler Greyscale Edition book! 

I'm really happy! Minor edits done, lots of specifics left to proof read. I can't wait to see the full color version 👌😍💖

I also received the latest proof of Scrappy Adventures, I expect it to be publication ready within the next two weeks 😀

And my first proof copy of Large Quadrant Stars came too, so I've got heaps to do this week whilst I recover from my latest grand adventure in Peru 👍